Malcolm Linton is a British-American photographer known for his images of conflict and humanitarian crises worldwide. He lives in Bogota, Colombia and is currently working on a book about the killings of community leaders who defend the country’s natural environment.
He started journalism as a reporter in Venezuela in 1984 and switched to photography in 1989. He has lived and worked in the former USSR, Africa, and Asia, as well as Latin America.
His photos have appeared in magazines including Newsweek, Time, National Geographic, and Paris Match.
His first book, Tomorrow is a Long Time (Daylight Books, 2015), was a collaboration with writer Jon Cohen about the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Tijuana, Mexico.
He moved to Colombia in 2015 to cover the peace process between the government and FARC guerrillas, publishing Metamorphosis: Guerrillas in Search of Peace in 2019.
A portfolio of his work up to 2010 can be viewed here.